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Brands are more than just products and services; they represent an extension of the values of the consumers who choose to do business with them. So how can you tell a complete and effective story about your brand? By integrating public relations (PR) into your overall advertising and marketing strategy. PR will help you tell your brand story in a way that connects with your audiences in a meaningful way by establishing and reinforcing your brand presence outside of traditional paid advertising channels. It’s a great way to supplement your paid advertising while creating brand equity.

Tell Your Story

Storytelling is at the heart of every BWP Communications strategy. We believe that great stories activate and inspire your audience. They delve into the deeper meanings and feelings behind a brand to make a real connection with your audience. PR strategies can help both existing brands and new brands by augmenting your presence in your local community or a specific industry.

Today’s relationships between brands and consumers go far beyond just a simple transaction. Consumers want to know they are doing business with brands that share their values and are run by people they can trust. Telling your story through credible media sources can help you highlight the ways you are making a difference in your industry and around the world, as well as how your products and services can transform people’s lives in a meaningful way.

Position Your Brand

A powerful brand identity cannot be achieved with advertising campaigns alone. While a 30-second television spot, a social media ad or a 15-second OTT video can capture attention, it cannot tell the full story of who you are and why people should do business with you. Effective PR and media strategies give you a bigger platform to delve into the why behind your company and your products. These tactics help you position yourself as the brand that consumers can and should trust, and they amplify the reach of your paid media campaigns.

Recover from Negative Stories

While positive brand stories can help build trust with your audience, a negative story can significantly damage your brand in the short term and the long term. Brands can suffer damage from events that are both within and completely out of their control, but you don’t have to live with the lasting negative impacts of those events. PR can help you revive a damaged reputation and rebuild trust with your customers and the public.

Expand Your Reach

Successful PR campaigns create new opportunities on platforms outside the paid media space — television, radio, digital media — for your brand to be seen. They expand the reach of a traditional ad campaign. When done correctly, they also create implicit endorsement and powerful word-of-mouth advertising for a brand from third parties who are not paid spokespeople. The goal behind all our PR campaigns is to find the audiences that will most benefit from your products and services, and the appropriate media to reach those audiences.

Ready to get started? BWP Communications marketing agency in Salt Lake City is here to help. We’ll conduct a complementary brand analysis and help you figure out the right PR strategy to spread your message and move your brand forward.