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Value of Animations in Web Design

As the world of web design and development continually evolves and updates, certain elements become more popular and also take on a larger role and importance. One great example that\’s heavily increased over the last few years: The use of animations in various parts of your web design approach. 

At BWP Communications, web design is just one of numerous marketing agency services we offer to clients around Salt Lake City, ensuring that businesses have access to a professional and UX-focused design. Animations are one key element we\’ll assist you with – why are they so popular these days, and what makes them valuable from a web design standpoint? Let\’s take a look.

Free Form of Engagement

Engagement is a huge part of marketing, and web design is no different in that regards. Animations help to make your website look more interactive and engaging, as it gives visitors a greater sense of interactivity when navigating the website. It\’s a great way for visitors to spend more time on your site, as they explore what you have to offer.

For instance, if your website has a product showcase, you can have animation be used to help show off demonstrations in an easy and free-formed manner. It also helps emphasize the importance of certain areas or products, which helps increase the chances that visitors will make use of them.

Visualizing Your Brand

Animations can help bring your brand to life in multiple ways – it can be used to illustrate core concepts of the business, provide an easy way for viewers to see what services you offer, or even just make the website more exciting and aesthetically pleasing. It\’s a great way to add some flair and a unique touch to your website, making it that much more memorable for visitors.

Let\’s say you\’re in the business of selling cars – with animations, your website can help show off different models and features that the company offers. Animations are also great for storytelling, allowing you to use visual cues to communicate a story or message more effectively.

Animated Elements to Help Guide Visitors

Animations can also be used as guides for visitors, allowing them to navigate the website more effectively and easier. For instance, if you have a contact page, you can use animations to help guide visitors from one section of the page to another, providing an easy way for them to find what they need and where they want to go.

Animations also offer website owners a great way to provide feedback to visitors when they take certain actions. For example, if someone clicks on a button or takes an action that requires further input, animations can be used to provide feedback in a visual way – such as having a progress bar appear or providing confirmation that the action was successful.

Driving Conversions

The bottom line for any website is to help drive conversions – and animations can be an effective tool in this regard as well. Animations can be used to draw attention to important parts of your site or specific features, which helps increase the chances of visitors taking action (such as placing an order or signing up for a newsletter).

It\’s also a great way to keep visitors engaged, as it helps to break up the monotony of a page and keep visitors from becoming bored or disinterested.

Keeping Your Site Top-of-Mind

Being memorable is a key part of any website, and animations can help to make your site stand out among the competition. The better you are at utilizing animations, the more likely it is that visitors will remember your site and come back again in the future.

When done right, animations can be incredibly powerful tools for web design – they provide an interactive form of engagement, help bring your brand to life and also make your website more memorable. With the right approach, animations can be used to help drive conversions and keep visitors engaged with your site.

At BWP Communications, we understand the importance of animation in web design, helping you create a more engaging experience for visitors while also providing a professional and modern look. Contact us today to find out how we can help your website stand out from the competition with animations, or for any of our digital or print marketing services for clients around SLC.