Utah Association of Counties Continued Video Development


BWP, an advertising agency in Salt Lake City, continues to work with The Utah Association of Counties. We work with the UAC on their marketing, advertising, branding and production of a series of video profiles highlighting individual Utah Counties elected officials. The video development process has been our focus as The Utah Association of  Counties hopes to highlight how county government works for citizens as well as demonstrate some of the programs being developed by local county government officials via these videos. This is our latest video project for UAC and we’re happy to introduce Robert Dekker, the Millard County Sheriff.

Utah Association of Counties Video Profile of Robert Decker, Millard County Sheriff
Millard County Sheriff, Robert Decker

Robert Dekker wanted to be in law enforcement since high school. So he left college in 1973 to go to work for the Delta City Police Department. Then in 1981 he began working for the Millard County Sheriff’s department and he’s been there ever since.

As President of the Utah Sheriff’s Association; the professional and educational organization dedicated to the protection and peace of the lives and property of the citizens of Utah—Sheriff Dekker is at the forefront of law enforcement in Utah.

But the job of county sheriff has evolved over the years adding new responsibilities. In addition to keeping the peace, managing ambulance services, and overseeing search and rescue, county sheriffs have been left with a daunting challenge; supervising a growing number of inmates in need of treatment for mental illness.

Born and raised in Millard County, Robert Dekker, is just one of nearly 300 of Utah’s elected county government officials, committed to serving the citizens of his county.