SLC Trib Vote By Mail Online Advertisement

Vote By Mail General Election Advertisement

Now that everyone in Utah has received their Vote By Mail ballots in the mail, BWP Communications continues to work with Salt Lake City Corporation and the City Recorder’s Office to remind residents of the “Vote By Mail” campaign. Our company has worked in various creative capacities for this project such as, advertising, marketing, graphic design, digital media, print media, messaging, and media buying. You will see the online advertisement on Utah websites such as the Salt Lake Tribune, KSL,  KSL Latino, and in print publications City Weekly and the Daily Chronicle. BWP, a Utah advertising agency, is proud to be a part of helping grow the voter participation with this exciting new campaign, and remember your ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 2, 2015.
SLC Trib Vote By Mail Online AdvertisementSalt Lake Trib Vote by Mail Online Advertising

Utah GOMB SUCCESS Framework Videos

BWP continues to develop a full suite of strategic communications for the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). We are honored to be GOMB’s full-service advertising agency of record in Salt Lake City, UT. Focusing on video creation, branding, event planning, print materials, marketing, web design and development, market research, business strategy, and curriculum design. Below is one of many videos we have developed to highlight the SUCCESS Framework, a system that is intended to help state agencies improve their productivity by 25%.

View more SUCCESS Framework videos on Vimeo.

New Designer: Dan Tetzl

BWP, a full-service marketing firm, would like to welcome our new talented designer, Dan Tetzl. He will be working for our agency helping us with a variety of strategic communications and marketing objectives, including branding, advertising, web design and development, video creation, social media, market research, community visioning and public outreach. He is from Salt Lake City, Utah and studied graphic design at Utah Valley University. He is a valued addition to the team and will continue the tradition of top tier creative development at BWP.

Developing Taylorsville City’s Community Vision

BWP is excited to be working with Taylorsville City, on developing a community vision to help transform the city’s future and unite the community. BWP Communications is a Salt Lake City, Utah based full-service strategic communications firm that provides creative services such as: advertising, marketing, branding and web design for clients throughout Utah and across the Intermountain West. BWP responsibilities include public outreach, market research, community vision and brand development.Talyorsville City's Community Vision Branding

GOMB 2nd Annual Utah OPS Conference Marketing

BWP was honored to be an integral part of the 2nd Annual UtahOPS conference held by the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). As a full-service advertising agency located in the Salt Lake City, Utah, BWP oversees marketing, advertising, video development, brand development, event management, print, web, research and many other areas of strategic communications for GOMB. The event was an enormous success and we believe the Office is making a dramatic difference in the way our State Agencies do business. We are proud to be working along side Kristen Cox and her amazing team.

GOMB OPS Conference GOMB OPS Conference Marketing photo 3 Utah Governer Herbet GOMB OPS Conference

The Hive Pass – Ad in Action – Media Campaign

We are proud to announce the launch of the Hive Pass Media Campaign currently running on Buses and Trax across Salt Lake City. BWP provided advertising, marketing, branding, campaign development, media, identity design, print design, digital design and strategic consultation for the Salt Lake City Department of Transportation to further the success of the Hive Pass Program. The Hive Pass is a program of Salt Lake City offered to all City residents with the goal of making transit more affordable and accessible.  Having a personalized pass in your pocket makes riding transit more convenient – no more searching for exact change for your fare. The Hive Pass is now a monthly pass that activates on the first day of the month for which it is purchased. You can purchase the pass at any time, and the cost will always be $42 so purchasing the pass at or very near the first of the month will help you make the most of the pass. Let’s get the word out about this fantastic program!

Hive Pass Transit Advertising
Hive Pass Ad in action

Vote By Mail Salt Lake City Advertising Campaign

With elections coming up, BWP Communications has been working with Salt Lake City Corporation and the City Recorder’s Office to develop a citywide “Vote By Mail” advertising campaign. Our company has worked in various creative capacities for this project such as, advertising, marketing, graphic design, digital media, print media, messaging, and media buying. This advertising campaign aims to increase voter participation.

Vote By Mail Branding
Vote By Mail Branding
Online Advertising
Web Advertisement


New Advertising Intern: Emily Nelson

BWP Communications would like to welcome its newest member on board. Emily Nelson will be an intern for the company this summer. She is currently a BYU student in the advertising program and is looking forward to learning more about advertising and marketing in a real world setting. Emily is excited to learn about brand development, marketing strategies, web design, video creation, advertising, research, and photography.

Hive Pass Advertising Campaign

New “I Ride with Hive” Advertising Campaign

Beginning July 1, look for our new advertising campaign, “I Ride with Hive”, developed for the Department of Transportation. BWP, a full-service advertising company located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been working to develop a strategy that will showcase the benefits of the Hive Pass and encourage Salt Lake City residents to engage with public transportation. This project has required the development of a creative brand identity, advertising campaign, print and digital advertising, radio sponsorships, and other marketing endeavors. We are excited to increase the exposure and participation of the Hive Pass.

Hive Pass Advertising Campaign

BWP and the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget

BWP Communications, a creative firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is honored to be the agency of record for the Governors Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). We look forward to working with GOMB and are excited to develop and implement effective strategies to fulfill their objectives. Our agency will be developing a strategic platform to help Governor Herbert and the GOMB team achieve his objective of reducing government spending by 25% by the end of 2016. In order to accomplish this objective, GOMB has created the SUCCESS Framework and engaged BWP to increase the effectiveness of this influential program through research, brand development, advertising, marketing, video, and other strategic communications strategies.