Critical Intelligence Event Planning
Critical Intelligence Conference In Deer Valley Sept 2014.


All elements of our society today depend on life-sustaining infrastructures and the computers that control them. Counterintelligence is a fundamental function for protecting critical infrastructures. What do adversaries know about the key assets we own and operate? Why, how, where and when would they want to attack us? What options do we have available to defend?

BWP Client, Critical Intelligence Offers Annual Conference on Cybersecurity

The Critical Intelligence  Conference, “CounterIntell” promotes analytical expertise necessary to answer those questions in a dynamically evolving threat environment. Learn how intelligence informs business leaders, enabling accurate risk management decisions. Find out how to build an intelligence team, train your analysts, provide them the necessary tools, manage your reconnaissance and attack surface, and degrade your enemies’ ability to successfully target and attack you.

Attendees Will Gain New Insights In CounterIntell

Through keynotes, case studies, networking, and in-depth training with intelligence professionals and infrastructure experts, conference participants will walk away with:
• An understanding of why intelligence is pivotal for adequately protecting critical infrastructure.
• An understanding of the Intelligence Lifecycle.
• The ability to identify your organization’s intelligence gaps.
• A blueprint for building an integrated cyber-physical intelligence team.

COUNTERINTELL Conference Details:

The Location
The Chateaux, Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

September 16, 17, 18, 2014

16 September – Conference Session.
17 September – Day 1 Analyst Training.
18 September – Day 2 Analyst Training.


Conference Only (September 16): $300
Conference + Training (September 16-18): $995