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How AI is Being Used in Digital Marketing

There are several modern developments that are making big waves in the world of digital marketing, and the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most notable. AI programs are being used in more and more areas of the online marketing sphere, and providing value in increasingly creative ways for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At BWP Communications, we’re here to offer a wide range of both physical and digital marketing solutions to clients around Salt Lake City and nearby areas, from web design and brand identity to many other services. Here are some of the many ways AI is being used for digital marketing today, and which you might consider for your business depending on your needs and budget.

Content Creation

One of the largest areas of growth in AI and marketing comes in the realm of content creation. While AI isn’t quite at the point where it can fully write articles or other forms of creative content, it’s definitely making strides in this area – and is doing so quickly.

For instance, programs using natural language automation (NLG) are being used to create simple news stories or sports reports. These programs take raw data, such as game stats or stock market information, and turn them into written articles that read like a human wrote them.


Another major area where AI is making an impact is in the realm of personalization. This has been a huge buzzword in marketing for years now, and AI is quickly becoming one of the best tools for businesses looking to create customized experiences for their customers.

With the help of AI algorithms, marketers are able to collect large amounts of data on consumer behavior and preferences. This data is then used to tailor specific offers, ads or even website content to individual users based on their interests and past interactions with the brand.


Chatbots are another popular use of AI in marketing, and they’re becoming increasingly common on business websites. These virtual assistants are able to handle basic customer service inquiries or provide information about products and services, freeing up human employees to focus on more complex tasks.

Not only do chatbots save businesses time and resources, but they also improve the customer experience by providing quick and accurate responses to inquiries. They also have the ability to learn from interactions, making them even more efficient over time.

Targeted Advertising

AI is also revolutionizing the way businesses approach advertising. With AI-powered ad platforms, marketers are able to analyze consumer data in real-time and adjust their campaigns accordingly. This means they can target specific audiences with personalized ads, leading to higher conversion rates and better ROI.

For example, perhaps a business wants to target women between the ages of 25-35 who are interested in fitness and live in a specific geographic area. AI algorithms can help identify these individuals and ensure that their ads are shown only to this specific audience.

Back-End SEO

Another area where AI is making a big impact is in search engine optimization (SEO). With the help of AI-powered tools, businesses are able to analyze large amounts of data and identify areas where their website can be optimized for better visibility on search engines.

These tools use machine learning algorithms to continuously gather data and make real-time adjustments, improving a website’s SEO performance over time. This means that businesses can stay ahead of the ever-changing search engine algorithms and ensure their website is always optimized for maximum visibility.

User Experience

For businesses with e-commerce websites, AI is being used to enhance the user experience and increase conversions. For example, chatbots can assist customers with product recommendations based on their browsing history or make personalized upsell offers during checkout.

AI-powered visual search tools allow customers to take a picture of an item they like and find similar products on the website. This not only improves the shopping experience for customers but also helps businesses increase sales.


Finally, AI is also being used to improve customer relationship management (CRM). With the help of AI, businesses can analyze customer data and behaviors to identify patterns and predict future actions. This allows them to tailor their marketing efforts specifically to each individual customer, increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

AI is here to stay in the world of digital marketing and will continue to evolve and provide innovative solutions for businesses. As technology advances, we can expect even more exciting ways that AI will transform the online marketing landscape.

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