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Utah Association of Counties Continued Video Development

BWP, an advertising agency in Salt Lake City, continues to work with The Utah Association of Counties. We work with the UAC on their marketing, advertising, branding and production of a series of video profiles highlighting individual Utah Counties elected officials. The video development process has been our focus as The Utah Association of  Counties hopes to highlight how county government works for citizens as well as demonstrate some of the programs being developed by local county government officials via these videos. This is our latest video project for UAC and we’re happy to introduce Robert Dekker, the Millard County Sheriff.

Utah Association of Counties Video Profile of Robert Decker, Millard County Sheriff
Millard County Sheriff, Robert Decker

Robert Dekker wanted to be in law enforcement since high school. So he left college in 1973 to go to work for the Delta City Police Department. Then in 1981 he began working for the Millard County Sheriff’s department and he’s been there ever since.

As President of the Utah Sheriff’s Association; the professional and educational organization dedicated to the protection and peace of the lives and property of the citizens of Utah—Sheriff Dekker is at the forefront of law enforcement in Utah.

But the job of county sheriff has evolved over the years adding new responsibilities. In addition to keeping the peace, managing ambulance services, and overseeing search and rescue, county sheriffs have been left with a daunting challenge; supervising a growing number of inmates in need of treatment for mental illness.

Born and raised in Millard County, Robert Dekker, is just one of nearly 300 of Utah’s elected county government officials, committed to serving the citizens of his county.

Hive Pass Advertising in Action

Utah Hive Pass Advertising In Action

Hive Pass Advertising in Action
The Hive Pass Advertising in action on a Utah Transit Authority bus.

The Utah Hive Pass Media Campaign continues to run on Buses and Trax across Salt Lake City. BWP, a Utah based marketing company,  works together with the Salt Lake City Department of Transportation on the “I Ride With Hive” advertising campaign. Our creative agency responsibilities include branding, advertising, marketing strategy, brand identity, campaign development and execution, media, print design, digital design and strategic consultation all for promoting the Hive Pass Program. The Hive Pass is a program Salt Lake City offers to all city residents with the goal of making transit more affordable and accessible. Current Hive Pass holders love it!  They have been able to reduce the number of cars in their households now that they have a pass to travel with.  Hive Passes can now be purchased for any number of consecutive months.  One month, two months, five months to a year, whatever works for you.  With the colder weather and snowfall coming to Salt Lake City it is important to limit our driving and help our air quality during peak inversion months. Utah is nationally known for its poor air quality, the more people riding transit is good for everyone, lightening the loads of car travel in our neighborhoods, cleaning the air, and reducing household costs for transportation.

Get your Hive Pass Today!

Ricky Hatch, Weber County Clerk Auditor Video

Profiles on Utah’s Elected County Officials

The Utah Association of Counties contracted BWP to develop a series of video profiles of individual elected county officials. UAC hopes to highlight how county government works for citizens as well as demonstrate some of the programs being developed by local county government officials.

How County Government Works

Ricky Hatch is the Weber County Clerk Auditor and among his responsibilities is the county’s tax relief program. Weber County residents who qualify can contact the Clerk’s office for more information. Those who qualify for property tax relief may be veterans, seniors and citizens with injuries or disabilities.
For more information about Utah’s Counties visit:

Corrie Forsling, Summit County Auditor Video

The Utah Association of Counties contracted BWP to provide advertising, marketing, branding and a series of video profiles of individual elected county officials. UAC hopes to highlight how county government works for citizens as well as demonstrate some of the programs being developed by local county government officials via these videos. We’re happy to introduce Corrie Forsling, Summit County Auditor.

Dedicated to Helping the Citizens of Her County

Along with her accounting skills and other talents, what makes Corrie Forsling great as a treasurer is an attitude of service and her commitment to the citizens of Summit County. After she was elected Treasurer, Corrie saw an opportunity to provide a new service to the citizens of Summit County.

 Email Tax Notices Offer Better Service

Government services are budgeted to function at the lowest possible cost to tax payers. So when a new service is introduced, it can create more work. But Corrie and her team developed a system to send property tax notices both in paper form, as mandated by state code, and as an email service, at no additional cost to tax payers. and watch other elected officials videos.

For more information about Utah’s Counties visit: and watch other elected officials videos.

BWP Wins National Award for Campaign Video Development

The National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) has awarded the Utah Association of Counties a best of 2015 award for the “How Counties Work” social media marketing campaign video produced by Richard Jewkes and the team at BWP Communications.

The animated video is used in collaboration with the curriculum teaching students about county government. It’s a fun and informative social media video that highlights how counties provide a number of services across many service areas. It also explains briefly what each county official does.

Category G – Video/Electronic Communications
How Counties Work video series

Name of program: Story of Your Life
County: Utah Association of Counties
Category: Audiovisual Productions
Name(s) for certificate: Doug Perry
Recognition: Superior

BWP Communications is a creative marketing and advertising company offering video development, web, print and strategies for clients.

Sugar House Monument Plaza Place Branding

The heart of Sugar House just got a makeover! BWP is please to be the marketing agency for the momentous occasion of opening the new Sugar House Monument Plaza. The new plaza encompasses an acre of open space to serve as a community gathering point that will host festivals, farmer’s markets, music performances and more.

Sugar House Monument Place Branding Photo Board Design

We worked with the RDA to create messaging, flyers, posters, and an advertising campaign that made this a successful event. BWP is the advertising agency of record for RDA for whom we provide research, design, place branding, identity development, and strategic communications.

Grand Opening Poster Design

BWP and the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget

BWP Communications, a creative firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is honored to be the agency of record for the Governors Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). We look forward to working with GOMB and are excited to develop and implement effective strategies to fulfill their objectives. Our agency will be developing a strategic platform to help Governor Herbert and the GOMB team achieve his objective of reducing government spending by 25% by the end of 2016. In order to accomplish this objective, GOMB has created the SUCCESS Framework and engaged BWP to increase the effectiveness of this influential program through research, brand development, advertising, marketing, video, and other strategic communications strategies.

Hive Pass Advertising Campaign

New “I Ride with Hive” Advertising Campaign

Beginning July 1, look for our new advertising campaign, “I Ride with Hive”, developed for the Department of Transportation. BWP, a full-service advertising company located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been working to develop a strategy that will showcase the benefits of the Hive Pass and encourage Salt Lake City residents to engage with public transportation. This project has required the development of a creative brand identity, advertising campaign, print and digital advertising, radio sponsorships, and other marketing endeavors. We are excited to increase the exposure and participation of the Hive Pass.

Hive Pass Advertising Campaign

New Advertising Intern: Emily Nelson

BWP Communications would like to welcome its newest member on board. Emily Nelson will be an intern for the company this summer. She is currently a BYU student in the advertising program and is looking forward to learning more about advertising and marketing in a real world setting. Emily is excited to learn about brand development, marketing strategies, web design, video creation, advertising, research, and photography.

Vote By Mail Salt Lake City Advertising Campaign

With elections coming up, BWP Communications has been working with Salt Lake City Corporation and the City Recorder’s Office to develop a citywide “Vote By Mail” advertising campaign. Our company has worked in various creative capacities for this project such as, advertising, marketing, graphic design, digital media, print media, messaging, and media buying. This advertising campaign aims to increase voter participation.

Vote By Mail Branding
Vote By Mail Branding
Online Advertising
Web Advertisement